a coffee cup at the lectern?

I have only just begun viewing the Town Hall Stream of the last Selectmen Meeting. I want to see the exchange between Mr Griset and Mr Chartrand. Get my own take on this brouhaha. The meeting begins with a protracted conversation regarding a shared dumpster in a Town lot and the loss of some parking.

Our Economic Director was asked to speak on this pressing dumpster issue.

He held a coffee cup while speaking, jokey, not in “character” especially for someone still under scrutiny.

My Dad would fully understand this post.

My Father was a stickler about appearance and “staying in character” certainly while engaged in important issues such as long term dumpster agreements. My Dad was very formal and I have always appreciated anyone that does not break character when engaged in business or serious conversation. This breach usually results with me just forgetting that conversation as it  becomes apparent the fellow is not serious, just wanted to slip that line in , a self promoter.

Dad was always called upon by those seeking counsel especially those moving up the ladder and he was a skilled interviewer.He had the name and address of anyone that he had  spoken to, ever. He updated those contacts too right up until he passed in his late 90’s. Ok some of them after a while were not picking up. They had not been down for breakfast in some time. It was all done by mail and telephone. The king of networking for sure. If you wanted an interview in any major city he could  make that happen, and I mean the top floor.


Dad worked  in advertising, hospitality, franchise systems and once told me this tale. He was the straight man among Mad Men. He would as a favor to a friend meet with a prospect for that fellows firm. His friend would receive a rather full accounting of the prospect. He also told me he always hoped the prospect was indeed the cats meow.

He never would recommend anyone for anything until he held at least 5 interviews.

The first interview goes very well, the candidate is on time, nice suit, serious, edge of his chair.

The second, same suit, now sitting back a bit, might  tell a joke, still a prospect.

Third, a few minutes late, makes comment about that receptionist.

Fourth, sport coat, lights up a smoke, puts his feet on your desk.

Often there was not a fifth interview.


One thought on “a coffee cup at the lectern?

  1. It seems that Mr. Winham already owns Exeter after a short period of time. One of the reasons I quit the Economic Development Commission. No need for such a committee anymore.

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