Music Hall Loft

The late afternoon pickup at Logan went perfect, flight on time and only one accident to avoid southbound.  It went down two cars ahead of me, so around I went.

Quick change for Doozie, night setup for Auntie then off to Portsmouth for a movie, late supper, one last check of my Aunt before home.

Whirlwind fun, had to move it along, no pokey pokey.

Oh, if you are planning on hitting Portsmouth soon allow plenty of time to find a spot to park your rig.

I had to pass on some goods ones, you know the scene.

“Look that guy is  moving!”

“That guy ” then lights a butt, checks his device, you know a  real lollygagger. In these conditions there is alot to be said for getting in and getting moving.

That would entail living outside yourself a bit, so maybe it’s just not realistic to expect that.

“The light is green pal” as he/ she continues to stare in their lap.

Busy cockpits these days .

Oh here  is a tip, if your night vision is poor while driving. I can help you big time with science.

That huge tv screen on your dash that makes your car look like a living room going down the road, are you with me?

Dim it, all the way down so you can see outside the vehicle. In fact most dashboard lights are set too bright.

This should be common knowledge, ever see a trucker enter a service plaza at 2am wearing sunglasses for a cup of coffee, there is a reason.

There is a time limit for standing on a potential parking space for me and sometimes I miss it by seconds.

“Look the cars are backing up behind me, I’m moving on”

“Wait wait, oh, geez we should have waited”

We got a great one, even closer .

The movie we dashed up to see was recommended by our son Jeff. If our two sons give us a heads  up, we will seek that film, book, venue out at some point.

“The Babadook” is the name of the film and it has something for everyone.

No spoilers from me this am to share and we did not research before going, Jeff is always right on.

This small theater has a bar. We were entreated to purchase a drink or wine or beer and you can bring it right in.

There was some admitted waffling but we both scrunched our eyes.

Popcorn and water please.

Halfway through the show I picked up  a waft of Chablis and it made my nostrils flair, it just seemed so out of place.

But hey, that’s just me again.



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