No one is talking about it. All day yoga classes are taking up lots of parking, and Darren is talking about paid  parking. That threw me the other night when he announced that idea. If everyone had one of these maybe.

 dt.common.streams.StreamServer.clsI got one of these when they became available and use it primarily in  Portsmouth, NH.

I have an EZPass too.

How about  that guy that blows by you on 101 headed for 95 then you see Mr In a hurry in the cash line, 5 cars back.

The central kiosk system where  you buy a ticket I really don’t see as an option on Water St. This will be a really great debate to watch in the future.


We ran into an old friend at a local restaurant this week and took a moment to catch up. He really went on a bit and as a result once his bride showed up from work he had neglected his  duty , to order. So they had to dash  to yoga.

I heard last  year about the move of a class that was held at the Blue Moon upstairs to a new space at the Mill, near the String Bridge. Doozie once went to the Moon for yoga. I mentioned this move to my Selectman, just as a heads up at the time. It’s not negative at all to see the downside, roll that over in your hands, discuss it. This way you take care of the issue literally staring you in the mug at the front end.

Hmm I thought  there will be problems with that for sure.The Library already parking challenged is going to have an issue. Everyone seemed so excited about the new studio that I just let it go. It was a fun night .

So, as the hungry couple( who eats before yoga?) said their goodbyes I heard this capper.

“We love this new Yoga place, you just park at the Library”


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