no writers block

I just called Don Clement to tell him no post tonight. While he and I are at odds right now we speak with each other constantly. I have written 5 posts each two paragraphs and deleted them all. That Q&A session last night at Town Hall that I viewed today really threw me. No one was treated in an ill manner by the panel. Geez ask the question please especially those with 15- 20 years of Board experience.That is simply too  long , please consider retiring.  It’s time for some change. Let’s enact some term limits for these Boards. Some seemed really put out . Gwen English  a Community member just like you and me wanted special treatment.

I am not kidding.

Plus all that canoodling between Dan and Laurie was driving me nuts. People were speaking and Dan was having a great old time.

What the heck is going on in Town? As a third party I just have tons of questions what this is really all about.

It can’t be about wetlands.

I have to mull this over.

Good night


One thought on “no writers block

  1. Mike, we do disagree on issues from time to time but we do it in a respectful manner. Debate with you is always a challenging and thought provoking process because you do the research and rationally lay out your positions.

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