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Seacoast Sunday has a news ? story on the Truman Project. Take just 5 minutes to do your own check on  that policy think tank. Every other soldier in the photo provided to the reporter has his hat on. Oh, it’s just me, I like find the seven things that are different in the picture game.

Here is the latest Bookmark from last Fall. I live with a dog, and like dogs. He is right here beside me.

I have always marveled at the news space given over to dog stories.

Oh, before you read the article on more thing. My dog Bailey is a Cairn terrier . The small breeds like to get right in your lap when in the car. Most also get a warm invitation to sit on mommy or daddy’s lap, don’t you think?

We had just bought the dog(15 now) it was his first year and I was allowing this in my own car. Then that year some guy got slammed on Rt 33 at one of those intersecting  roads in Stratham. Maybe Bunker Hill. The fellow had a Cairn on his lap. A Cairn likes to be high up on that window side. I bet at the time that the dog  was on his lap at the window and blocked his vision just enough as he turned left onto 33 from the side road. The dog ran away, the usual story, found and  treated. I think the driver may have died, it was a t-bone wreck.


So  I stopped that dog in lap. In fact I don’t take the dog anywhere but the kennel for grooming in the car. He is a pain in the car.

He went boating once.

If I was to succumb to the KFC ad , if there were some of those  chicken nuggets in my passenger compartment. I would have to put Bailey in the trunk.

Driving with a dog on your lap is distracted driving and should be a traffic ticket.

The recent 3 death accident on RT 16 with  no cause determined yet included a dog.

A bad RT 125 accident last week or so included a dog.

I would like to read more post  horrific crash analysis as to  the why of a crash, especially the phone use. I am not hearing enough stories that might stem the tide of phone use while driving. It seems easy to establish, easier than determining that the dog lunged at that moment  for your cruller or spotted another dog and went batty.

People have to stop driving with lap dogs. It dangerous for all.

Do you know first hand anyone/ anyplace, in your personal circle that has been bagged for a phone infraction while driving? I do not.  A load of true stories with big bucks attached just might stem the tide a bit.

Last week I was pumping gas at Xtra Mart  and the manager was emptying the trash.She kinda groaned and I  inquired as to her issue.That trash can and another she  emptied were loaded, loaded, with spent alcohol containers.We  both figured this was not household trash, but car  trash.I was really kinda shocked when she informed me that this was a regular thing. I see as you do all the things folks are doing besides driving while driving, but for some reason I calculated the percentage of  drinking while driving lower.

So I am safer now than before after seeing those trash cans. It was a heads up.


Update to the post a few hours later

I always find this funny as I do try to be topical as I drift back and forth with my thoughts. I just sat down after a busy morning with Auntie and opened the print edition of Seacoast Sunday. The story today on the Truman group mentioned in my early morning post above I had scanned online before my drive to the Mill.

The dog bookmark I have been waiting to use for awhile.

The  Seacoast Sunday features section of the Sunday News paper has a big dog story.

It’s funny, to me. There is quite a bit of dog news.


One thought on “Sunday Morning Bookmark

  1. Mike, last spring, I filled a 30-gallon garbage bag with beer & wine bottles that I gathered from a walk along my short little road, Beech Hill Ext. Like you, I was shocked! We should all be concerned!

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