follow up

listeningWhen PEA appeared before the Zoning Board  on 1/20/15 to discuss the addition to the Music building on Tan Lane  I asked a question of the facilities team.  I was just curious if this project was in place of the proposed project near the Swasey Parkway. The Academy owns that block now including the offices of DTC.  DTC was representing the Academy on this latest project. I was there for other business and just wanted to know if this new complex was going to happen. The answer was no, but there were plans at some point to relocate the Fisher Theater. My question prompted some discussion about the matter, not much, a few questions.

There must have been plans  in the works of a more substantive nature as the plan is about to unfold. Now this is the Academy so it really doesn’t matter right? I don’t think there is any need  to expend much Board time and Community energy. Let’s stay focused on our own business.

The location of the new performance facility will be the tennis courts on Court Street at Gilman Street.

Gilman Street?

Yes, that driveway between the courts and the gym is a public way. I did not know that so an accommodation will most likely be made for locals.

Perhaps  Chadwick Lane that comes in behind the Steam Plant will be left open for dog walkers and a few parking spots provided. It must be a security nightmare on campus sorting out who is who on such an open facility.

One last thing.

Our Bailey no longer takes the long walk, but we do and despite signs about a dog leash policy on the PEA campus we see plenty of dogs off leash.

“Don’t say anything to him”

“Why? Maybe he didn’t see the sign”

His  glare reveals  he saw the sign.


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