construction site

I drive by the site of the new apartments at the Mill many times a day. The land shaping has been underway all week. The copse of woods at the corner has been thinned. Most of the large trees if not all have been left undisturbed. Trucks are moving in and out with excavated material. It appears just the amount of snow has posed a  challenge to the start. There are enormous hills of snow off to one side.

I’ve seen the local neighborhood folks stopping, one or two pointing. It is a significant project and it will be a long Summer for those close by.

I think it’s great , the area has been left fallow for so long. My Aunt’s apartment building in the complex  has maybe  2 units that are not retired folks. While they do come and go, it’s  not at rush hour.

If these new units are filled with that crowd great!

If it’s worker bees the intersection at Green Hill Ave will be buzzing for years to come.

It’s just change.


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