passing time

imageI pulled out my Aunt’s photo albums this morning for a few minutes before she drifted off again. This one of my  grandmother was loose and fell right out .

So  this was the one we chatted about for a bit.

My grandmother is on the far left of her coworkers and the photo was taken in 1901 at Dagetts Candy Co. I am not sure of the location in Boston. The firm consolidated multiple plants to Cambridge MA in the 1920’s.

My Aunt drifted off laughing with this”Imagine having to dress like that for work and ride the streetcar”

My Grandmother would have been in her teens and was born in Montreal. When her husband was entering the Chelsea Soldiers Home after a stroke in the late 50’s (Spanish American War Vet) she got a visit from the FBI. It would seem the candy worker had entered the USA without telling anyone. This came up during the paperwork for my Gramps hospital admission.

Sleepy time


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