what really affects home values ?

Not chickens next door! 8 0ut 10 buyers shopping Exeter ask if this is permissible. Great schools, Parks, Emergency Services. A Faith Community, a downtown, environmentally aware, a place that cares and likes to live together with others and  is always ready to lend a helping hand.

I had several weeks ago suggested to a few people that Neighborhood Associations are both unnecessary and not in the spirit of the wider Community. That these organizations can often adopt a bunker mentality at odds with others. I  understand many neighbors of the proposed Seacoast Family Promise Daycare facility are indeed supporters.

We voted as a Community to insure that indeed these types of  outreach facilities that foster new beginnings and offer   guidance, recreation and respite are integral and should  not be limited.

It would seem  to me reading these minutes linked below that within the bunker there can be problems. If this battle continues to Court then for sure those  living there and supporting this  could indeed , perhaps, maybe, see their home value drop.

Especially in the eyes of  someone  shopping for a home in a Community.



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