friday morning

Stepped out of the apartment with the dog early this morning and met this fellow coming up the stairs. We are currently camping at the Mill along the river as we sold our home.

In two days.

I am not crowing, just a word to the wise. Formulate  a plan if you catch the bug to sell because all the campgrounds are full.

This is an an area that is chock full of wild things. My own yard was the same way with woodland beasts.   I tried to pick him up but as you saw in the other snapper photo, they have long necks. You lift from the rear and just behind his head, but he was having none of that .


2015-05-29 05.57.34 So I grabbed a hamper and it just fit.

2015-05-29 06.02.10

Back to Clemson Pond for the wandering turtle.

On our walk this am we saw the Exeter FD responding to a brush fire in the PEA woods.

2015-05-29 06.26.57-3Have a nice weekend,


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