sump pump removal program mailer

I filled out the form mailed to me by Public Works and popped it in the mail. I am all set as all my sump water exits the basement and enters a pipe to a dry well at the edge of my yard. I am lucky to have  that room in my yard.

Some will need assistance figuring out how to manage their sump water especially if they are now using the sewer instead of a storm drain. The video is of a storm drain outside my apartment her at the Mill.

The Town is under a mandate to build a new Waste Water Treatment Plant and up to half of the inflow is water that does not need treatment.

So taking care of your sump water is key the solution  as well as Town work on leaky pipes.This sump pump program is giving people 5 years  to fix this simple issue.

If you can pump onto your own yard and that water does not end up in the street as a ice hazard you are fine.

If for some reason it’s just impossible to get your roof drains and sumps connected to a storm drain and it simply has to go in the sewer, well at some point you will pay.

In ten years maybe.

In Maryland they have termed it the rain tax. PEA was discovered years ago to have their roof leaders hooked to Town sewer lines. I guess it has been corrected.

Oh one more thing . The questionnaire asks for your address and lot and map number and the mailer implies the last two  are contained in the mailing.

That was a mistake, I spoke to Mike Jeffers at DPW today and your address is fine.

Fill it out and send it in as this is very important information for the WWTP  project.  You also should right now in a substantial way begin to reduce water usage in your homes with whatever it takes.

Shower timers are good.


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