our little town

Last week I read the article in the ENL on the paid parking proposal, then had to dash over to my house as we are still moving.

The time was 1145 am.

This was last Friday and as I passed the library, I saw 8 or more space around the building. Across the String Bridge to Water a look left, plenty of parking both sides . I turn right and it’s the same story, wide open. Anthonys Bakery area, same thing.

I figured that maybe all the Yoga instructors had called in sick.

Yoga enthusiasts really  dominate downtown  parking.

I finished my job at the house at 1pm and headed to the Post Office to change my address.

The downtown was still a ghost town, you know , the Summer look.

“There is not a parking problem in Exeter, it’s just that you can’t park exactly where you want”

Did I get that quote right ?  Dan Chartrand stated that some time ago, maybe his first term.

This idea of parking kiosks is silly. I see grownups, never children or young adults, that will not use a cross walk ten feet from their position. I totally ignore the stare down now from these lazy folks.

Think those folks are gonna walk to the parking kiosk? Maybe if  the kiosk was 2 feet away, you will need many kiosks for our downtown shoppers. Will the kiosks be accessible in Winter, because say what you want snow removal is simply a huge problem for Exeter. Please don’t go on about it was a bad Winter, it’s every Winter.

The BOS should not spend a minute on this subject, it’s a waste of time. If it’s a gambit to have the Town erect a garage then do that , but really  get a grip.

I remember a garage was proposed for someplace once.

High School?

Train Station?

Someplace, and the cops were concerned about crime in the garage.


The best location for a garage was the DTC building and the  lot out back.

PEA bought that though, gone forever now. The Town parking lot is not a good location for a garage.

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