Portsmouth Ave

Let’s hope they get the lines back on the road quick. It’s a bit of a free for all now, with folks(NH plates) using two lanes  in and out to travel the length.

While we are at it, Portsmouth Ave, it needs two additions.

The merge at the Volvo dealership is ridiculous. I have seen ten wheelers on the inside challenging oldsters in left lane inbound. If you have not merged left it’s your fault.

What we could do.

Better and BIGGER signage, and lots of yellow arrows on the pavement , to move left.

Right turn on red permitted after stop. This big sign should be  in front of Fenelons  Garage at the High St  T intersection.

There is still much confusion everywhere on this traffic easing, let’s get moving, maneuver.

“Can I go or not?”

Go, unless there is sign saying no.


A long time ago about 2am I stopped at a red light in Mattapan, in Boston. I had just completed  training some staff at a hospital , the late late late shift.

All of sudden the cops roar up beside me with lights blazing. The driver yells at me.

“What the f are you doing?”

Mr Peepers replies.

“It’s a red light sir”

“What are you nuts?, you never stop down here at this hour for a stop light, get going!”

Then they roared off.


I still stop at red lights.


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