take heart

2015-09-12 08.14.16 I can see two flags from my balcony and it seemed they were at half mast all Summer. I was thinking just that  as I spied a figure approaching the Powder House pole.

2015-09-12 08.14.47I was thinking he was there to adjust the flag as it was well below half mast. My binoculars revealed one of our firemen. The lanyards had been worked on earlier this Summer, it was slipping constantly.

He put the flag at full mast and walked back to his truck.

A signal! All is well, now, this morning.

2015-09-12 08.16.31Sorry for the fuzziness,perhaps the impression is enough.

When he reached the truck I spoke from the window “I hope it stays up for awhile”.

He agreed and said they were all going up. So I got ready to  take a photo  of the Swasey flag flying high. I had a post all set in my head. No jingoism expressed, just all about signals, and the here and now.

This morning, this day.

2015-09-12 08.33.45The Swasey Parkway Flag will continue to fly at half mast.

Don’t worry , I called and found out why.

2015-09-12 08.24.17Only Park & Recreation have a key.

Cut the lock, send a signal (all is well) because the flag has been down too long.


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