Niece & Nephew

Enjoying their first game in DC.

With Grandma.

My sister recovered in time for the big day.

We are back in Falmouth after a perfect ride for me and train trip for Doozie.

The Massachusetts State Police have returned to work.

After what has been 3?years.

They have their work cut out reining in the outrageous driving I witness.

Today oh man from the Berkshires to Cape Cod I saw it all and in my last 30 minutes almost got rammed by a guy doing a Buck cutting back in as he weaved through traffic at high speed.

One guy blew by us on 195 and I said “He is going to get bagged”

One mile up.

I hope the Trooper ordered a tow truck for the bad driver’s car.

It will take all Summer to nail all these offenders. They all started to ignore the laws during Covid.

When the cops quit working.

The Vermont State Police admitted it was true for them.

They are beginning to chip away at the problem.


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