Lincoln Street

This was a night  shot as you can see so I have had to reduce it. It’s a bit fuzzy  otherwise. Too bad,  but it is certainly  a powerful  image regardless of size. I never miss an opportunity to visit the Lincoln Memorial.  Abe and I share the same birthday, February  12th.

I just called Barb Rimkunas of the Exeter Historical Society to make sure the street was not named after Fred Lincoln.

She wrote a sweet little piece on this very subject that appeared in the paper  a year ago. It is hoot, how things remain the same when  money is on the table.

Barb’s Essay

The Exeter  Newsletter today has an editorial regarding spending for the Train Station. They are suggesting we wait a bit. You will perhaps notice that  I have ceased banging the drum for a composting toilet on the Swasey, times are tough . So I concur with the paper on this one.

I still believe however that we can talk   about what we might do moving forward. Lincoln Street requires a face lift.

A few pictures, since there is little  landscaping  Winter images are not much different from Springtime. This post is not meant to skewer anyone, it is a suggestion.

During the day the street does not suffer from a lack of customers or traffic, that’s a  good thing.

Small business incubators are great but the entrepreneur often in my opinion goes too small. This building has tried but  really is only suitable as a shoe repair shop.

Here is list of things that might be  talked about in a Lincoln Street Strategy Session.

Relocation of the dumpsters

Awnings or one big one( are they passe’?)

Ask Jeff Hyland to sit in on the meeting

Cohesive Sign  Strategy



A second floor

Power washing


Paint( couldn’t resist)


Faux New England Facades or  Old West. Mediterranean?

I believe there is one major  owner of the strip and a handful of sole proprietors. We  really have something up there. It is not unusual on  a weekend strolling Town to be asked  for directions to the  Handkerchief  Factory. It just could be so much better, and talk is cheap.What to do? You invite them all in and discuss,invite a bank or two and talk it over.

Lincoln Sesquicentennial Celebration Event

Save the date — Saturday, March 6, 2010! The Exeter Historical Society is partnering with Phillips Exeter Academy, SAU 16, Exeter Public Library, American Independence Museum, Exeter Area Chamber of Commerce, Inn by the Bandstand, Infinite Imaging of Exeter, NH Historical Society, Town of Exeter, Exeter Arts Association, Manchester Historic Association, NH Political Library and Woodman Institute to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s visit to the state. Festivities will include guided walking tours of Lincoln-related sites in town, a Geocaching adventure created by local 8th grade students, a Civil War-era band concert and kids’ activities sponsored by the Exeter High School History Club. The event will culminate in Lincoln’s encore presentation at Exeter’s Town Hall, where he spoke on March 3, 1860.

This program is made possible by a grant of the New Hampshire Humanities Council.

How great when and if anyone asks about  Lincoln Street we can say” Oh we just had a meeting, some things  are moving forward!”


Recess had to be tough

“Pan Am President David Fink said today’s economic climate is no time to begin high-speed, commuter rail service. He said New Hampshire should be concentrating on balancing its budget and shoring up its pension fund.”

Read the story here

Made me want to find out  some more about Fink. Interesting tack  to take chiding the  State for forward thinking. Is this Fink a  business wizard? Should he run for office?

Here is a wiki entry  with lots of information regarding  Mr Finks  airline foray.

Pass the salt.