Stratham Gateway Meeting update

Last night in Stratham they had their meeting to discuss water & sewer for developers along Route 33. I had told you I would not attend. I did however get some flavor this morning from someone in attendance. Instead a of discussion of their plans for Exeter and meetings between their Town Manager and ours, they discussed me. They actually played the Exeter Selectmens meeting public comment and attempted to refute or answer my comments! I guess I am the only one with questions. Kudos to whoever supplied them the tape, I am surprised we even had a copy to hand them. I guess the Stratham agenda I posted here was only a “draft copy”. The agenda at last nights meeting was not as purposeful as the first.

No Exeter Selectmen attended despite some stating they would be willing to listen to any proposals. Gee, if I was a Selectmen for or against this handshake I would have attended. Armed with this information they could at least answer questions at home. This is not a simple handshake however and making my comments the centerpiece of full disclosure is ridiculous. I am just a citizen asking questions. Active, engaged, yup, and the reason is I really care about the Seacoast. I also focus on the local issues, because here, where you live, you can have an impact. It would seem that I have struck a nerve, but answering my image on a screen?. So , back to the meeting, the Stratham group stated they had plenty of water that what they really want is sewer. A worse proposal. We have no capacity, none. Our DPW is still trying to find all the illegal connections to the sewer system from roof drains! Our old high school actually had roof drains tied into our sewer system. The non sewerage inflow to sewer lines is a big problem in Exeter. The Federal Government is still not pleased with what we release into the Squamscott river, which flows to Great Bay. We can never participate with Stratham in some grand scheme for Route 33. Unfortunately for us the Town has in some circumstances extended sewer and water into Stratham, and Hampton. We supply the water & sewer for get this, the Stratham Industrial Park. Get out a map to see how far this stuff has to float to reach the lagoons. Discussing that deal would require a new post.

Stratham’s Town Planner opined about regional cooperation. In my mind that is a solid grid from Derry to the beach, no thank you. He also brought up the agreement to extend water & sewer into Stratham if St Mikes had built behind McDonald’s. I was at our Selectmens meeting that evening, the Selectmen did agree pretty fast. This discussion about more connections really must end and Stratham will have to make some hard decisions, on their own.

Happy New Year


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