Conservation Commission takes on Squamscott awareness project

The Committee discussed the idea planted here for a sign near the Squamscott, site to be determined. The kiosks currently in use around the area are nothing more than bulletin boards, and they get messy. I took some pictures this am. Durham has no sign at the Oyster River landing. Newmarket has one but frankly, it’s pedestrian. Chapman’s Landing on Rt 108 crossing to Newmarket on the Squamscott has one, its a bulletin board. Here are the photos.

Newmarket, too rustic in my opinion.

Chapmans Landing, it always looks like this.

Here are a few examples with a different flavor. These are not bulletin boards. They most likely would involve a graphic artist and some silkscreen techniques  on metal or some other surface material.

Three sides , lots of room for info, graphics.

The graphics of birds and animals make this exceptional.

Just a cup of coffee

This one was sent to me by Don Clement , he took the picture in Damariscotta ME.

I like the graphic of the River , which is key to our Project, but still don’t like the wood kiosk. They get tired over time.


Deliberative Session this Saturday!!!

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