This is a House Bill in NH to complete the takeover of the Ports of NH by an independent agency, the PDA. I attended a meeting this past Tuesday in Rye. It was well attended and got a bit hot at times. Many people struggled to frame their issues with this plan. Whenever I witness people struggling to overcome their fear of public speaking and doing it, tremors and all, you know this is the real deal. This bill must be defeated in the Senate. There is a meeting in Concord on the 30th and another chance for public input. Everyone living in NH has an interest in keeping the Port a working port. A harbor ringed with hotels and non marine related business will be a failure. I can assure you your access to the water will also be limited should this come to fruition. . Is there one Hotel complex proposed? No, not at this time. Should you consider this prospect?

I think you should consider such a development. I was able to take a look at the players in this battle on Tuesday night . It confirmed for me several problems that I have with the PDA. We simply do not have the right people in place at that industrial park. Thats what I am calling it from now on. The Pease Industrial Park. Let’s drop all this grandiose posturing. The airport portion is a dead duck. I suggest the PDA focus on their own issues and leave the Maritime group alone. The PDA has no expertise at all in marine issues.

The PDA should focus on their own property. Here is a “little ” project for them. They have an intersection in front of the ANG base, it is a dangerous intersection and the site of many accidents. In fact there have been some horrific traffic accidents at the Industrial Park. Why doesn’t the agency that thinks it can handle more land giveaways take care of a stoplight?