See what can happen with some public energy? The bill that would have had the PDA putting the finishing touch on the harbors takeover has been buried. Good. Now the Pease Development Authority can get to improving the golf course, their next critical project. They have received some cost numbers on the project of about 3.5 million. Are golf numbers up or down nationally? Ah, the magic of the net gives me and you the answer, golf is down. I thought so. A new feature are these links that are generated below my posts, some are spot on! Golf is fading. If you own a plane though you can land for 5 bucks and play at old rates at Pease. I bet they will soon buy a shuttle for you too!



2 thoughts on “NH HB 65 DOA

  1. Get to work on the golf course? It’s hard for me to tell if you are being sarcastic. I hope that is the case.

    The Pease Development Authority already clear-cut wetlands designated as prime because of they are located on a valuable water supply aquifer. The Newington Conservation Commission asked them to stop because the law requires a 100 foot buffer around those wetlands and the PDA’s own wetlands reports recommend that this wetland be protected. The PDA originally agreed to meet with us to discuss the project, but later a member of its staff contacted me and told me that Dick Green, the PDA director, instructed his staff to not meet with the Newington Conservation Commission and that if we wanted to meet, we had to come to their office during their business hours.

    The project got issued to cease and desist by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services because they started all the work without any permits. They actually applied for them but later decided to do the work without them.

    The letter of deficiency issued by the NHDES is here: http://www.des.state.nh.us/Legal/Documents/Letters%20of%20Deficiency/2008%20Letters%20of%20Deficiency/Pease%20Development%20Authority,%20Maria%20Stowell%20-%20LOD%20LRM%2008-004.pdf

    I’ve got nothing against golf, but I must pause when the course needs to get built by violating permits, clear cutting wetlands, and jeopardizing one of the two remaining water supply aquifers on the Seacoast. Yes, it’s true, the seacoast is likely to run out of water in the next 40 years or so.

    -Justin Richardson, Chairman
    Newington Conservation Commission

  2. Justin,
    A local reporter here in Town once called me a cynic, but sarcastic works too. I just read the paper but here again Shir Haberman the Portsmouth Herald writer has missed the boat. I read his report on the golf course, I missed his reportage on this, the latest overreaching of their authority. Keep up the pressure on your end. I quit playing golf once we started a family.


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