Pease Development Authority and their Golf Course

God forbid they should raise their fees for their tenants! You want to know what else is down besides golf?

General aviation is down too. You should do your own checking, it’s quite an eye opener.Frankly , I see more activity going in and out of Hampton Air field. Oh sure, planes are expensive so is fuel, but landing at these airports such as Pease is like 5 bucks, and the basing fees are like a penny a pound, check the weight on a Lear jet. Infrastructure for general aviation is very expensive and they don’t really pay that much at all. I think this is a big secret with a powerful lobby to keep things quiet. I have gone on web sites of GA pilots that will complain about a 5 dollar ramp fee. It costs me more to pull in to Prescott Park’s dock in the Summer for few hours. I want to see changes in leadership at the PDA. I want the media to quit writing puff pieces and then telling me they are ” just reporting the news”. I find the troubling news reported by the Newington Conservation Commission volunteer who commented on my golf post more newsworthy than a new hot dog stand. The Newspaper would not be in dire straits with readers and subscribers if they stepped out a bit. I am sure the furniture store owner in the bikini would not pull his weekly ad, unless maybe he owns a plane.


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