Serial River Polluter

This Saturday I discovered a great plume of raw sewage on the Squamscott River. The Town website acknowledges a CSO (combined sewer overflow) on the 23 rd of June. I don’t believe this plume was from that discharge. It’s gross pure and simple, this is untreated waste water which cannot be attributed to anyone, but us. It’s our waste and we simply have to do something to prevent these events. In order to increase awareness I would like signs like the above to be posted prominently along the Swasey and at the boat dock. I am sorry to dispel the myth despite the current “green ” movement in Town , which is being attached to every project. The myth is that everything is ok with our infrastructure, specifically sewers ,so go ahead approve another 100 toilets.

Perhaps a member of a key town committee will see the signs and wonder why he /she is approving more inflow that might be linked to this system. Maybe we will begin to understand that approving more development without being able to service said development is the antitheses of “green”

We get a little rain and that means we can have a sewer overflow? I want this practice stopped and the issue addressed now.

I would think twice too about letting your dog go swimming in the River at the boat ramp downtown. Does that same dog get a hug from the kiddies after his romp in the cesspool?

I would wash my hands thoroughly after kayaking.

I would never swim in it.

I would hope anyone reading this post is disgusted with the thought that what you flush is possibly headed, untreated, to the Bay.

Not a handful of miles from the mouth of the Squamscott on Saturday we had seals around us, osprey diving for fish, people tubing , fishing. Don’t think for a minute that our practice of dumping raw sewage is not having an effect. The Great Bay is threatened and struggling to swallow this load from the sending Towns.

The Town wanted really to do this the other way . Build an oversize water treatment plant add a bunch of new users……………… then say hey we have to fix the sewage component now. Well here we sit, still approving more housing and retirement villages, and campuses and we are unable to handle the current waste stream in a responsible manner. We should be embarrassed as a Town that this has gone on this long. I hope a few signs makes us squirm and calls us to action to stop this practice of dumping and looking the other way.


Notice of Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO)
Due to the heavy rain on July 24th (2.59 inches Thursday preceded by 1.1 inches on Wednesday), there was a discharge at the permitted Spring and Water Street Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) from 10AM to midnight on July 24, 2008. The total volume of discharge was 215,000 gallons. The Shellfish Program, NHDES and USEPA have been notified.
For more information go to

It’s not going to stop raining, that is a given. So we can expect the dumping to continue. Disgusting.

Each of these tanks is 50,000 gallons. We just torpedoed the Great Bay with 4 of these filled with raw sewage.

1 thought on “Serial River Polluter

  1. James C. Kelly

    I find it strange that the source of the pollution/sewage cannot be detected. What function(s) are served by the river police? If you can see the source, they surely must.

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