Near a State Prison in Ohio

I was zipping down  Main street  yesterday and there was a commotion ahead, at Cass St. Cars swerving, slowing down, no horns yet though. I get down there and spot this elderly gentleman in apparent distress. He was in traffic holding a sign. I was taking the left onto Cass and looked back to read it. It was hand lettered, quite nicely done.

It read.


He was muttering pretty good too about driver reaction. This fellow is  quite  a walker, and always very dapper, in a suit usually.

The sidewalks were awful this Winter and still are not good. I have inquired several times as to whether  the operator or the equipment are to  fault. I will not be voting for a  new sidewalk  machine.   This seems to be an easy  thing to do, plow/blow a sidewalk. I would also  suggest this to the community. I have lived in Towns where if you have a sidewalk in front of your home, you are compelled to  shovel it. If  I  had a  continuous sidewalk  in front  of my home I would snow blow it. I would  continue, most probably to the elderly couple’s home next  door too.

Have you ever dug out the fire hydrant in your neighborhood or do you wait for the Town to do it?


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