What a beautiful sunrise today!

Commenting on our Selectmen  Race while not  being a Town resident could be confusing to my  readers.  Dan Davis  comments , at length, on  our race. His comments can be found in “Steppin up to the plate” Dan lives and writes  from Kensington.

Perhaps the  tri corner hat  worn by the Town Crier icon is confusing  people.

As Emily  Latella would say, “never mind”.


3 thoughts on “What a beautiful sunrise today!

  1. Mike,

    Although I do live in Kensington, I have property ineterest in Exeter, so things like spending and taxes affect me.

    Regardless, I spoke out against misinformation about NH Seacoast Liberty and a slander against Justin.

    My apologies for confusing your readership.

  2. Roger,

    Please take a moment to elaborate on your comments. As I pointed out, though not a resident Exeter, I have an ownership stake in property in Town. Exorbitant taxes in the town of Exeter affect me, my brothers and parents.


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