Exeter NH Voter Turnout

Not good. I just voted and the report was bad. The weather is superb, volunteers ready to help you vote, people with signs, no voters. Here’s hoping for a strong finish to the day. Absentee ballots were running half of the last vote. You end up in these poorly attended elections with a muddy mandate.

2 thoughts on “Exeter NH Voter Turnout

  1. Joe

    Mike – we wound up at 1877 voters, ahead of 1750 for 2008 but still laughable given over 10,000 on the checklist.

  2. roger

    Well, the people have voted, granted there was only a very few. Your vote really does make a difference 15 vote difference on the budget and less than that for a school board member. The difference is really half that many. Less than 10 people could have changed the entire outcome. It is disapointing that so few care about the outcome. What I don’t understand is that in these economic tough times Exeter people supported spending some money. Towns all around us voted most things down. We must be better off than we think we are or are not nervous about the economy. Ony those that did their civic duty actually have the right to complain about what money gets spent. If you did not make your voice heard you have no right to complain when tax bills or spending goes up.

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