Exeter Vote results

Aldrich 1100

Chouniard 622

Chisholm 852

Morrisette 838

Budget passed  for Exeter 1010 yes  667 no

No chipper

No sidewalk plow

Yes for an automated gate at the water works! Did everyone really understand this one?

Don Clement squeezed out a win on the Swasey Parkway race 877 -857  what a squeaker!

Yes to  4 million pledge for carte blanche spending bill. This goes no where as there is no money coming to Town, any Town.

Another great  turnout  1877.  So great.


2 thoughts on “Exeter Vote results

  1. Lara

    Thanks for the results, I was very curious to hear how things turned out and none of the papers had this posted yet.

  2. Rob

    Thanks for the results ! Was it just me or was there more then one article that I was blind sided on? I thought the Exeter News Letter had published all the articles up for vote but was surprised to find many articles up for vote that got no mention in the paper. I guess I will have to look beyond my local paper for important information next time.

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