How would you feel?

I was at local St Paddy’s Day Party and became aware of this neighborhood issue. It involves a  proposed house site off  Dewey St. It affects the neighbors on Cass, Park, Green and Dewey. There is new  owner  of the house on Dewey and that lot is a pork chop lot extending back into that  swale. The issue is  that the area has been, forever, a clump of woods, of habitat , right  in Town. It also as you can imagine provides  currently a  nice  backyard view  and screen  for all the  abutters. It is also very wet. I guess there might be springs in  the area. I have placed a push pin  marked drain at the corner  of Dewey & Water Streets. I have walked by that drain  for years with my dog. It is always  running, fast, lots  of water. Even in the dogs days of August, it flows. Go check for yourself , Just pull up shut  off your engine and listen. I think it drains  that area, so that means  it is very wet. The guy building there will require plenty of sump  pumps. There  is a meeting, probably  Zoning Board on Tuesday about the proposed  driveway.

It’s too bad that we have to always fight these things as lonely abutters. It’s too bad that  there are not in place, regulations that would  kill this fast. I can’t imagine  buying a house  and disrupting  a neighborhood with such a proposal.

This one is a tough one.  I mean c’mon  it’s not the big empty lot  next door that you might have assumed would be sold. It’s this wild tangle of  undergrowth  and water,  and birds  nests. The place that  the neighborhood kids hacked around  in all  Summer. Who would think  that a neighbor would build a house  back there? Good luck if it goes  through  as  that house will be in a fishbowl. It’s just a bad idea. There are plenty of other  deals to go work on.

The common driveway never works, always conflicts. If not now, later.


1 thought on “How would you feel?

  1. timd

    Mike –

    The Zoning Board hearing is for a variance from section 5.5.3 of the zoning, to allow a second principal building on that lot. The lot is zoned R-2, single family residential. I wonder if the owner knows what they are getting into? Such a house, if built, could never be sold separately from the existing house unless they managed to get subdivision approval from the Planning Board. It would most likely only be usable as a family compound. The abutters should go to the ZB hearing and raise their concerns about wetlands.


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