Town Crier reader links Epping Road Development with grand tax strategy.

“As for Squamscott Community Commons, the town specifically chased the non profit away in the mid 90s from Epping Road as they wanted all the businesses located there to be tax-paying. An earlier design of the center was there. So, the Linden Street site was chosen as the best way to reuse a challenging building/site. If you want to really understand the project, contact She can give you facts that might be interesting for you to blog about.”

Funny, in 20 plus years of living at the base of Epping Road it actually looks worse. This will require a major post with pictures. Fun!
The minimum starting point? Purchase the home and car repair/ junkyard beyond the Cable office on the East side and cut out that wooded island. Then lay out a new area to match the good job done on the shopping center contiguous to those properties. Then you would have at least a heartbeat for retail. The road could then be repositioned. We might be able to eliminate a host of curb cuts .Visioning sessions once discussed this prospect . There was once quite a bit of attention being paid to Epping Road by the Planning Dept. A renewed focus by the Planning Department would take their attention away from establishing a woodland trail system. I don’t believe the Commons would have any effect other than positive for Epping Road. Shooed away , funny.
More later

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