Day 3

Of course when you open the Dam, the water  flows out. The water  that had been  captured and over ran its natural channel these many years. It looks raw along it’s bank. I found a slew of fresh water clams at Gilman. The ducks  also seemed quite pleased moving about in the flowing water. Should we remove the Great? Dam it will all fill in, and be quite lovely, and flowing. So get on down to Gilman or your favorite spot and fix it in your mind, how it could look.

I have a few shots from today , you can compare  them with yesterday.

Intake for the Academy,lawn water.

Second bridge Linden Street

Tuesday                                                                                                                            Wednesday

This next shot is from the Academy Bridge  between the track & the football stadium. I htink this stretch will always look the same.

Now a couple of  the foot bridge to Gilman Park. Check out it’s underpinnings. This area under this footbridge was always a fetid swamp. It could be a flowing stream. Mosquitoes loathe  flowing water, and love stagnant water .

The Great? Dam held nothing, certainly not  a mighty River. People are frankly surprised it emptied this fast. You were not looking at a River all these years , just  a stream out of its banks. I think that despite any misgivings you might have the dam is coming down. We will probably have to wait 5 years with all the wrangling. That’s why we must have everyone go now and look. Just imagine all the new growth over the mud flats. Oh and listen, you can hear it now, flowing. It’s  really the right thing to do.

11 Water Street  should begin designing  their new deck, they have a backyard now.


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