I read this  draft  just this morning. I found a mistake. The Town reservoir does not  empty into Wheelwright  and then the Exeter  River.It’s the Squamscott River. Small point  you say? Please replay the tapes to  me to prove the discussion has ever paid more than  lip service to Great Bay.

A couple of bullets, mine.

  • The dam is coming down.
  • The natural  bedrock falls  will still maintain a  pond of significant size  back to Gilman.
  • The engineers are confident of  their ability to continue to withdraw water from the River.
  • Water use  is not increasing. Growth is and will continue to be  flat.
  • There are no good records .
  • We have to nip the water district talk, and help others  live within their own limits.
  • There is  still a great deal of water being  lost in distribution.(leaks)
  • We have  a looming  sewage treatment  issue.
  • Let’s get this dam  down and move on.