Exeter River Pictures Nov 5

Great pumpkin bisque at Blue Moon today. I got caught up a bit with Kathy Gallant. Possible Fall  soup class/fun thing coming, keep an eye peeled.

Here are some snaps. The River continues to reveal itself during the drawdown.

This is the Route 111/Kingston Rd bridge below  Pickpocket Dam. It would seem that  the dam/no dam  effect is negligible at this point.




Downtown. I am not spending much time with these shots as they don’t matter that much. The area will be restored, the business owners  can improve their  stream side presence, it will be very nice. Here is the link to observe the nice job being done in Greenland NH , the Winnicut Dam removal. It’s a cam link.


I am sure we  can expect  a similar effort  when the Great? Dam is removed.



The dam is still in position which is impeding flow. There is granite outcropping or bedrock on which the great?dam sits. So, when the upper and lower dam are removed there will still be a very beautiful and ever changing waterfall.

Shout out to Bill Childs, Doozie and I will pre purchase the complete set of seasons.


little river


I’ve got some more snaps but I am all clicked out and sort of sleepy. In addition to the bisque was a chicken salad  sandwich.


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