So tonight I was over to the ribbon cutting at the Marriott. Nice, Julie Gilman was there. On the way out I grabbed a USA Today. I was just going through it. They have this  gallery of photos. All retired military officers. All branches are represented. All Generals, Admirals, no Audie Murphys  but some have been wounded, you can wiki em if you are at all interested. One guy is making 946K , another 750K. They have this way of circumventing ethics rules, calling themselves “mentors”. That revolving door is spinning. I have decided to give this subject a regular airing . Do my part to inform and perhaps change this awful mess.It is a mess. If you work in a defense(misnomer) plant you will be hard to convince.If you have allowed your local economy to become dominated by the “Mil” you need a replacement industry.. I am concerned that we have allowed the military and industry to do just what Eisenhower warned us about.My sense is that with the two wars in progress no one is minding the store. It’s really sad these stories. Remember Duke Cunningham and his fall from grace.

USA Today Gallery

Maine Veterans For Peace


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