Hello is this Mike? Who’s calling?

I pulled this out  of the archives today from January 2011 and updated the post. I did this after reading about the small engine repair class to be offered at EHS this coming Summer.

Why not tv/vcr repair?


This past Summer I remarked to my son Jeffrey about the  Academy Summer Session. I had just driven through the campus and couldn’t help but notice. Some, even in a downturn are doing all they can to give the kid a leg up.

This is all enrichment. It’s not remedial.

I  wondered why we did not have some affiliation  with the Academy  for our top HS students. Academic rigor  rewarded with a scholarship to the Harkness  table. When I was checking this over the  past Summer  I found this PDF  file from Raymond NH, SAU33. Summer Enrichment Program

I was forced to alter the link above as the original PDF has been removed. It did contain the line I mention below.The updated link provides current information on Raymond’s efforts on behalf of their students.

There is a line  in the document about the Academy having been rebuffed in it’s efforts to partner with our SAU. I had never heard of such a  slight.I called a former Co Op Board member and they had no clue.

I called Mike Morgan and discussed it with him a bit. He too was unaware  and was going to check with his counter part in Raymond. He and I have not connected since.It was not too long into our conversation that a suggestion of contributing to the school came up.It was suggested that if I felt strongly about enrichment then I could in effect write that check. He was broaching the alumni fund at the same time. He talked alot about this alumni program, and sports.

Alumni Director for 60K? High School?

That would  be just enough to  sponsor a group of top/rising  students to the Academy’s Summer Program.


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