easy does it

I made it right to the end. It was a great meeting this year. We do need to think about check- in procedures, that was and is too slow.

Comfy seats, thoughtful comments, histrionics kept to a minimum. Ok, Mrs Johnson  did not disappoint.

Chris the Grinch?

Nah, he still has our dirty martini biz.

Doozie thinks the social service agencies would understand. She asked “Wouldn’t this be used for bands? Good thing  HS bands? ” I agree.

Secret ballot, so cool.

Why is the World changing, why can’t I have my Christmas? If Mr Knight is not attending Law School at night he is missing  his calling. Mr Eastman in my opinion continues to push the limits . “Another layer of government” Annoying curve, tear down that barn, eyesore . Renee don’t spend too much money on signs.  Brian was off his game .

Frank want’s in?

“Draconian”. “Not some lunatic fringe group” “Not(generally) in favor of pork barrel spending” “You will have to  move” “This place may  end up like Franklin”

Hey who said  at a previous session a few years ago “I don’t like anyone reaching in my pocket!”


We did not have any gems like that today.

I am trying to contact Mr Childs the candidate for Selectman. If anyone knows his phone number let me know.


He might be my guy . He might be getting the  Town Crier Special Treatment!

We did however  have something happen that  was most unfortunate. The insertion of  politics by Mrs Cheever.

We have done our best keeping these forces in abeyance relative to local stuff. It just wouldn’t be healthy.

Thanks to all  that attended and to the Boosters too. I think Doug Eastman ate my slice of pizza.


8 thoughts on “easy does it

  1. John K. Atsalis

    I’m glad it didn’t take two days… after the first secret ballot it was unclear whether they would force repeated secret ballots.

    As for Selectmen, it is clear that after figuring Quandt in for another term given his standing in the community, there is no clear choice for Selectman, but I would like to hear more from Childs – depends on how much the I/I issue is motivating his candidacy.

    And yes, the high drama was enjoyable, after almost falling asleep during the WTP and Jady Hill segments.

  2. John Childs

    The Jady Hill sewer project is not my priority for running. I asked the question at the meeting because I had not received a reply to a previous e-mail I had sent to the town. The response I got was not accurate as the neighbor across the street was not a problem. It seems they make it up as they go along. They need to have a solid plan and communicate to not only the citizens in the area but all residents of town to ensure they are making the right decisions.
    I have given Mike Lambert some additional background and hope to have a web site up shortly. It was a lively session on Saturday and strong support for the current process to run the town. If you are unhappy, vote them out at the next election. In the interim let them direct the town and hold the paid town employees accountable.

  3. John K. Atsalis

    John – I look forward to seeing the website and I am glad to see your response – it makes the choice at the polls much more clear.

    Also – I am surprised that the supporters of the budget cmte. failed to account for the school aspect of the equation (perhaps they didn’t even realize it at first) and how that would affect the public’s perception of the initiative. After all, while the group shows great willingness to get involved in town politics, few of them show any grasp of school issues and even admitted that – Not a great recipe for turning over school funding to them!

  4. Laurie

    Mr. Childs, I’ll gladly put up a sign for you. Maybe Mike Lambert can act as go-between.
    After the DS, I know I’m not voting for O’Barton or Ferraro. They are running for positions on the Board of Selectmen while petitioning to undermine the Board. And they’re just too angry and nasty.

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