March 1st mooring renewal due.

I have not attended the Boston Flower and Garden show for some time, years. If your children are safe off leash, it’s  a good take with the kids.

” He pulled up an entire bed of tulips!.”

I am going this year for sure. Just to see some green. A nice walk through the show, then over to the ICA.

Boston Flower Show Information & Tickets


2 thoughts on “March 1st mooring renewal due.

  1. Jamie Giller

    Hi Mike- Glad to hear you’ll be headed down to the Seaport for the Boston Flower & Garden Show this year! There’s lots of exciting demonstrations, lecturers and garden displays to feast your eyes on!

    Just to note, the website listed is for Mass Hort, not the official Boston Flower & Garden Show’s website. Please direct folks where they can purchase tickets to the Show and learn more about the all features. Thanks!

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