burning desire

A very nice wood, gaff rigged catboat departing Pepperell Cove, Kittery, ME. It has  a small in-board motor too.

A dream of mine, the small yet capable sailing vessel and the Maine Island Trail, some day perhaps.

This weekend in Portland Maine  you could  really stoke such  dreamy fires with a visit to a boat show.

It’s the  Maine Boatbuilders Show and I have been several times and might dash up this year too. The wooden boats are akin to fine furniture, the bronze & brass fittings gleam. It’s a great take.

Maine Boatbuilders Show

Maine Island Trail


1 thought on “burning desire

  1. Lara

    We debated going up (there is also now another boat show in Portland this weekend at the Civic Center) but are going to try to get one last ski adventure in before spring instead. Less than two months to launch time!

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