Holland Way

I was out jogging on Holland Way( training for the Margaritas 5 K) and  of course saw the lot clearing. The property is owned by a fellow from Rye . He owns some other property off Holland Way in that complex  further down , occupied by EHR and others.

There is no project, it’s just lot clearing much like Kevin King’s efforts at the top of Epping Road, opposite the Mobil.

Strategy- If you clear it they will come.


Both sites lack sewer  and water I believe ,and both sites have wetland issues.

The trip count on Holland Way would seem to be way up from prior years. Once I wondered why there was even a road, no more. The road is used as a bypass of  High St, and for grocery store runs for people quite far afield. Any traffic  study being used  for Planning or Zoning Boards relative to the  HW corridor requires freshening. The McDonald’s traffic  light is under great pressure and we voted down  any improvements to the High St end of HW some time ago.

The sidewalk on Holland Way  is in poor condition the result  of sinking fill under the asphalt.


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