Sorry, no dice.

I called weeks ago to ask that the hot dog guy be told  the score, see ya later. If I can’t use the Swasey,  the out of town vendor is out of luck too. This house voted yes to culverts  and  pipes. I told the  appropriate folks that he would be angling to  squeeze (what a joke) that  huge  rig into the  boat ramp parking lot. Guess what? He   was given comfort  by Frank Ferraro  to ask DPW  today to take a boat /trailer  slot.That  ramp is  heavily used all Summer by people from all over. I use that  lot, and I live in Town . I do not understand why NO is not used anymore. This is really annoying, all of this stuff. When the talk of a hot  dog vendor came up originally, the minds eye saw a cart, not a semi trailer.

I just got off the phone  on this issue. Had to make an edit, I mistakenly  included Mr Quandt as one with mustard on his shirt.

I really cannot understand why this matter requires  more than a no. The original permit was for the Swasey, that is not available anymore. We are not bound to find another location for his business.

If you want  to go down to the next Selectmen Meeting and  prostrate yourself for hot dogs, feel free. The boat ramp lot is  off limits.

I suggest  a corner of the Auto Parts parking lot  next to Friendly’s, rent a corner. High traffic count, you could hire a guy to jump around in a hot dog costume .

If a fellow gets  in his truck with his boat attached and heads for the River,  he should have a reasonable expectation of ramp parking. The 4 spaces dedicated for vehicles w/trailers during the boating season are always in use, including weekdays.

Goodbye Ian

See you in 3 years.


5 thoughts on “Sorry, no dice.

  1. Frank Ferraro

    I’m not sure where you got your information, but this vendor called me and wanted to talk about options he was considering. I would have taken that call and had a similar discussion with any resident or local business person, as I believe any of the other four Selectmen would have. As you know, not all people that own or operate businesses in Exeter live in Town, but that doesn’t mean that Selectmen shouldn’t listen to their concerns. The vendor presented several ideas, one of which was the boat launch parking area. He asked what I thought the next steps should be. I suggested that he approach Parks & Rec and DPW about the boat launch parking area, and to P&R, DPW and the Police Department about some of the other areas he was considering. Perhaps you think that Selectmen should only talk to certain people; however, I believe that a Selectman is elected to represent all of the people and business interests in Town.

  2. Rachel

    Mike, the mean spiritedness on display in your hotdog stand post is nonconstructive. You stated in a post earlier this year that “This blog was launched in December of 2007 in response to my last Selectmen meeting. It was and is a device for my own mental health.” After you criticized R.Benton in your April 5th submission (“Printing such ravings is not helpful for the future”) it seems hypocritical after looking at some of this week’s material you’ve posted.

  3. Gerry Hamel

    A hot dog in the park! A bit of Americana that is enjoyed by people in many towns through out the summer. If a simple walk on the sidewalk , listening to a concert in the evening. or eating a hot dog in the park is what makes your day, then so be it.
    My thanks to the selectmen of Exeter who want to preserve “the little things” that make our day enjoyable.


  4. Taxpayer that's current!

    Frank Ferraro responds to Sorry, no dice… “Perhaps you think that
    Selectmen should only talk to certain people; however, I believe that a
    Selectman is elected to represent all of the people and business interests
    in Town.”

    What one writes is NOT necessarily what ones does, is it Selectman Farraro? Reference the email you sent Tue, April 5, 2011 8:38:04 AM to YOUR twelve “certain people” list, asking for their input to the Norris Brook Culverts issue.

    And a certain Ms O’B responds to your email…”If people want to be downtown, they will find a way to get there…. maybe approach the Chamber of Commerce and see if they have any ideas how to fund the Bailey Bridges if they are concerned about the impact to their businesses downtown?”, and she continues…” I also believe that if people do not “feel” the impact of the severity of the condition of those culverts, they might not vote to replace them. If the solution is as “easy” as placing a Bailey Bridge over the problem and continuing to drive on as normal… the impact of those pictures will soon lose their affect and the severity of the problem will be lost. It is the inconvenience and the hassel of finding a new route and forgetting you can’t go a certain way that will remain with people and cause them to want to fix this problem.”

    Couldn’t you say that the email is reasonable proof that you ARE
    representing certain people?

    Now that you represent the Town, shouldn’t you solicit your “certain people” to pay their deliquint property taxes, one of the top 10 delinquints at that?

    Wouldn’t it have been prudent to hold a special meeting to let the taxpaying
    residents voice their opinion on the Swasey Parkway “shutdown”, or as one of your “certain people” commented to your email, we need to “feel” the impact of voting down the culvert replacements? What next? Do we need to “feel the pain” whenever something is voted down?

    After the decision was made for Option 1B, I never saw the DPW act and work so fast converting Swasey Parkway into Swasey throughway…Wow!!! If the culverts are in such bad shape, what’s the plan should they collapse or get washed out by the next big storm (did I state that correctly Ms Perry)? One small question…How did the culverts happen to get in such poor condition in the first place, and WHO is responsible for this negligence?

    To the Swasey Parkway Trustees, shame on you for letting this happen.
    Was this the intent of the parkway?

    I am one that believes that you, Mr Farraro, have an agenda, and that agenda is determined by you and your “certain people”, all of whom want this town’s administration to fail, and you all work toward that end.

    Shame on you all!

  5. Mr. G

    It was with great relief that I read in the latest News-Letter that “a popular hot dog vendor” will be able to “take up his business in the parking lot behind the Town House Common”. The article included a staff file photo of the stand in operation, 3 columns of text on the matter. Poor Ian (Peter Datillo) commented that his first choice to relocate, Stewart Waterfront Park, was denied. Various town officials were quoted by reporter Aaron Sanborn in the article and their statements on this important issue were quite illuminating. My fervent hope is that Ian will be given a special permit to set up in the Swasey on Thursdays during the Farmer’s Market season, there’s nothing better than nibbling on one of his products as you browse through the Farmer’s Market.

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