artful rebuff

I can appreciate and  do understand your concerns. I can hear that you have given this  quite a bit of thought.Our next Selectmen’s meeting is  on April 25th. There we could all listen , including the tv audience, and discuss your concerns and get the opinions of other elected officials. I hope that  you can appreciate that  our various Departments are very busy right now, focused on  making sure this  detour goes smoothly.  Thanks so much, see you on the 25th.

2 thoughts on “artful rebuff

  1. Moses

    Based on the ireful comments regarding the vendor on the parkway who sells hot dogs among other things, then I suggest you tell the Farmer’s Market folks to vamous too! They are all making money and no one’s mission there is more noble than the other. It is pure capitalism and that is just fine with me!

  2. Cap'n Dunsel

    There has never been a suggestion that the farmers’ maket folks were anything other than what they turned out to be. As “hot dog carts” go, this one turned out to be somewhat out of the ordinary.

    Maybe if we allow enough retail on Sawsey Parkway, the Town can skim something off the top of each establishment, and make enough to fix the darn culverts.

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