Bounty of the Sea

Dear FFDers,

Far be it from me to commercialize Holy Week, but I feel I should inform those, who have drifted slightly from their religious roots, of some seafood specials that may help the reconnection. People really wishing to be put in good stead have already placed orders for family on Easter Sunday. No one will hold it against you to go nitrite and nitrate free for those you love ; the ham will suffice nicely however, for the in-laws.

Not sure of the full slate of offerings, and I’ll most likely be quite busy on Friday to get much out on this notice, but I’m sure you can count on many of the staples. Haddock, scallops, salmon, Sword , hake, pollack , gulf shrimp most likely you can count on. Mother nature didn’t get it quite right when she decided to have the North Atlantic fishes go into their spawning period during lent. The demand for fish during the Easter season(as high as Christmas) when the supplies are low spurs a rise usually in a temporary 1-2 dollar rise/ lb by the time it reaches us. That’s why we love the other oceans at this time to provide other goodies for the festive tables. The selection for this Wednesday  goes like this:

1) merzula…Chilean whiting…nice textured mild white flesh; good all purpose.

2) Grouper…you know how good that one is

3) Wild King Salmon, wild Coho salmon

4) Halibut…forget about it….better than good


6) Shad fillet….yup still spring

7) Sword ..Hawaiian

8) Hake, haddock, sea scallops, pollack from our ocean

Just made a stuffing for any of the last four mentioned.

Fresh crab cakes, calamari salad….fish chowder and a gumbo for the busy moms

My next trip will be Friday morning..and will be pretty much stationed at the sink upon returning til Sat afternoon, so if have any special requests for your holiday meal..just give me a shout or reply to this and we’ll do our best to have it ready for you Friday or Saturday.

Thanks for my van, all you shareholders..I can tell you for certain that FFD is not going backwards at as fast a clip as before the plea, and I’m here to serve for the foreseeable future. have a rejoiceful Easter all!!! and thanks for your time.. Fred

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