Norris Brook Culverts Update

Today the Selectmen  met and  voted to charge Town Counsel with petitioning  the Courts for a Special Town Meeting. It is here we will vote to approve spending the funds to repair the two culverts.

The Selectmen surmise that  a Deliberative Session will be held on June 6th, then  the vote on July 12th.

My hope is that this will mark the end of such mistakes by all concerned.

Let’s get back on track with  needed infrastructure renewal.

After we discuss how this  happened, and how we are going to prevent it’s occurrence.

Today, it is necessary  to scream to be heard. Letters to abbutters, legal postings, newspapers,blogs, tv,community  meetings,controversy, all still result in low voter turnouts.

Precincts? Captains of information charged with just getting the word out to their neighborhoods?

Town of Exeter email list? Is there one, where do I sign up?

Perhaps a giant sign like the United Way thermometer right downtown.

The Top 15 projects that must be done.

“I don’t go to meetings and I don’t read the  paper much”

“Ok, then what is the best way to update you  as a  citizen  of Exeter?

Lets get back to voting as a Community. This culvert job of 500K + will be decided over the Summer, probably by a small group.

Surprise me, if you are in Town or not far away, show up.

Geez I hope that’s not when Kid Rock is playing in  Mansfield!

I am waiting to see the new list. The list of  necessary  construction and repairs needed  in Town, accompanied by approximate costs.

Don’t spend all day on it.

The same  sort of list I keep for this  enterprise.

“Nope, Spain is  out this year, we have to put a new roof on the house”.


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