1 thought on “Just got back

  1. Rachel

    I think the spring weather may be a distraction for you this week, since on Tuesday and again on Thursday your blog promised more info to follow, and yet… we await your observations about the meetings you attended—don’t leave us hanging!
    Tonight there is a documentary on WGBH at 8pm about Frederick Law Olmsted (you mentioned on 4-23-10 that his firm designed Swasey Park). After Frederick’s mother died when he was only 4 and his father remarried a year later , Frederick then spent the rest of his childhood years only visiting his father & stepmother on holidays and summer breaks. It makes me think that, just perhaps, if Olmstead were alive today he might enjoy the option of treating his adopted children to a hot dog while strolling through Swasey Park… one can only hope so!

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