the missing meter,multiplier glitch, no user fault files

List of 33 water accounts in question

Most high profile accounts have paid their bills in full.  The 2 year bill.

We should vote for  those new water meters this Summer as well as the culverts.



  1. Mike,

    Interesting information but are you sure it should be made public?

  2. Just as a point of clarification, this issue has nothing do do with the new meters that were proposed and voted down by the voting members of this town. It was human error in not changing multipliers, not activating meters and not putting meters in the system.

  3. Whatever the cause, meters that make real-time data available are likely to reduce such human errors.

    Then again, it *is* easier to just vote no on everything.

  4. I am awaiting word on a friends possibly messed up residential water meter. His last two bills have been about 190.00 Mine runs about 100, his kids are gone like ours. Our meter here had an issue not long ago, a discrepancy between the outside meter/counter and the inside flow meter. I was and am suggesting that our residential meters could be in need of replacement.Check around the web, messed up meter stories abound. You could also check online with new meters to see if your efforts to conserve are paying off.


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