Stewart Waterfront Park

Stewart  Waterfront Park is one of our most beautiful and private areas.  The park’s edge is a ribbon of  garden and walkway  along the Squamscott River and includes the Town landing & boardwalk area. I am there often  and am quite familiar with  it’s rhythms and users. It seems to me we have all come to respect the area and understand  the linkage between vista and place. The park is huge once one connects fully with the view. Jonathan Ring  has the  Point most mornings  to himself as he begins his day, tea in hand.


I spoke with  a  woman once at the park who detailed her preference  on reading there as it  allowed her “mind to wander” . Her home  on Linden Street being so heavily treed.

It’s very quiet and tranquil.

Lovers trysts, counselors with their clients, Moms pushing strollers, disabled visitors in power wheelchairs, friends engaged in quiet conversation. This wonderful  space absorbs and embraces all these visitors throughout the day & evening.

It is a very special  place and greater efforts should have been made to  protect this gem.


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