I just got back from Fresh Fish Daley, haddock tonight.  Here is the latest from Fred.

Dear FFDers,

Good thing the Bruins won last night or this week could go down as a total bummer without even a peak at the sun.. But let’s let the codgers on the porch talk about the weather. We’re here to talk about fish and here goes…. especially proud of

1) Halibut

2) Sword

3) Atlantic Salmon

4) Sea scallops

5) Homemade fish stock and chowder fish

6) Blue fish

7) Spanish mackerel

Yes, the staples of haddock, flounder, and hake are very nice and fresh as well.

For Moms on the go: clam chowder, shellfish gumbo, baked stuffed clams and fresh crab cakes. calamari salad tossed over a bed of greens or leftover pasta offers versatility and yumminess. Not bad by itself as a nibbler either.

Don’t get scared away, but one of Chef Nick’s afternoon creations is FFD’s version of a fresh fish stick, made with perfectly textured California Rockfish ( small grouper like unit) can’t imagine a kiddo turning this one down with the tarter on the side. It’s been lab tested here on the premises and I must say fried fish is a must once a month or so. Canola oil and eggs and bread crumbs…not sure where the unhealthy aspect to those ingredients is , but my lab isn’t set up for those calculations. As the fish tacos seem to be the trend and we can all see why …why not have the dirty part all done ?

Also nice fresh steamers from Machias, ME way and a wild oyster from Wellfleet… mussels are here as well and will get more for the weekend.

As usual the fruit and produce are worth skipping the trip to the strip, as we have organic lettuces and apples. Perfect Ontario asparagus if you don’t have your own bed is what we wait 11 months for when it’s gone.

Not good baseball weather , but I might sneak over to Concord to watch Nolan as his career is winding down quickly at EHS. But as usual you’re in good hands with my qualified assistants. Just keep an eye on the scale and  the register. Most likely the game will be postponed and in that case I look forward to seeing you. Thanks for your time…. Fred

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