The latest missive from Fresh Fish Daley


Dear FFDers,

What a great night for the back porch/deck clutching a tall libation of sorts. Hard to believe that from here on in the daylight hours for said activity will be on the ebb. Far be it from me to be the harbinger of this seemingly grave reality so take advantage of as many sessions as possible with your family and friends; put some memories together and pull them out December 21st when the days start getting longer again. To our ancestors it meant time to gather the first harvest and enjoy the bounty of all that grows above the ground. Us old codgers have got life’s cycle of the seasons pretty well figured out and appreciate the timing of them all. Just as one lingers a bit long we’re rewarded with change, that when accepted , is the key to our growth, our learning and what we can pass on to those who have been part of fewer changes.

Just a short generation before us the salmon knew it was their time to return to their birth place during this part of the life cycle. In typical white man in a new land fashion, the seemingly endless supply of the Atlantic Salmon was decimated to the point of extinction by methods never intended for harvesting what just may have been the perfect fish. Can I say “hand picked” by our creator for HIS humans?.Does it get any more perfect for a hunter than to know where and when their prey will present itself.?On top of that she offered the highest omega 3 content of all the fishes, a fact lost on the natives ,but us modernites know it to be a must. The closest specie akin to this critter would be the King Salmon native to the pacific. They are touch and go in their struggle to regain their once proud numbers, but New Englanders, 4-5000 miles away, get this particular short portion of the cycle to reap the taste and health benefits of the ” King.” From Alaska to Boston these fish arrive in pristine condition, judging from the rigor mortis, and they are now in peak season,putting enough supply on the market to have reduced the price by 10.00 dollars since our first offering. Still not cheap at 16.95 but  worth it.

I could go on about the changes of other fishes and their migratory patterns that have them also arriving on our doorstep, but let’s get on to the fish at hand in your humble Front Street Market.

1) Haddock (their turn to get fat now)

2) Wolf ( A few from Canada that are great all purpose , baked broiled or fried)

3) Cod ( fattening too0

4) Lane Snapper ( whole or filleted)

5) Tuna , Halibut, Atlantic Salmon..

6) Wild Kings

7) Bluefish. as good as they get this time of year

8) Large Sea Scallops

9) Fresh crabmeat …got it .. Lobster mt order $38.00

10) Fresh cherry stone clams, large for chowders or sauces

11) PEI mussels.

Prepared seafood division:

Clam chowder, calamari salad . baked stuffed clams ( this aft) Crabcakes

Keeping with the Harvest seasonal theme, the local organic things like lettuce, peas, onions , and herbage(dill at the moment..complimentary with salmon purchase) are here at FFD. I’m finding out a bunch of you folks are home-growing and passing up these things in the store.. very understood. If the deer and woodchucks find a way into your patches and you hear a slightly muffled cheer from this corner, don’t take it personally.. just me anticipating a potential sale. So swing in , there must be something in here to put you in the good graces of those family and friends on the deck.

Thanks for your time ,


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