It takes about 10 seconds

I have affixed a 2010 post on Joe Dixx(Richard Schanda) that includes a link  to  his tribute site just below. I have tried to contact  his son and  whoever is  behind the site to update the page with a new essay to no avail. The Joe Dixx Tribute site takes about 10 seconds to open, it’s worth the wait. It will give those unfamiliar with Schanda’s work a nice taste.  It would be  great if this site could be updated by it’s owner. I will get over to the Discovery Center on Saturday to see if I can make the appropriate contact and have  a new essay posted.

I would buy that  book, someone please  think about that.

This weekend you  can view an exhibit  on area  fishing & hunting at the Great Bay Discovery Center.

10am -1pm Saturday June 25th it’s a Grand opening and includes many items that belonged  to “Joe Dixx”

Read more concerning this special event  in  the article  below from Fosters Daily Democrat.

Connect  with the Great Bay

If your children have not experienced the  boardwalk, get over there! Bring your binoculars too.


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