Gundalow  Capt Edward Adams

Dear FFDers, Remember me? That guy with the fish market with too much time on his hands and who lets his mind wander to inappropriate topics??? He’s back with a simple list of his offerings and with good reason it would be wise to not pass up some of these seasonal yummies. If you’re into the grillers:

1) Sword..texture, moisture , taste..been waitin for this one

2) Wild salmon…CA; if you thought the AK was good, this is the real McCoy

3) East Coast Halibut…moist, creamy delicate flakes

4) Sushi grade Yellowfin Tuna

5) Whole of filleted Snapper…get creative

6) Large sea scallops , once you grill them you won’t cook them any other way

Also fresh and tasty : we have Haddock and Wolffish(all purpose baked broiled or fried)

So happy with my new lobster gal from Kittery….Still have the old shell(never shedded this year) these have great meat yield and it is actually great value for the heavy 1+1/4’s @ $7.95; 1+1/2’s are $8.95 per lb if you’d like a couple more bites…Just got in a nice looking bushel of Maine Steamers to get the celebration started right.

Prepared seafood division: 1) Albacore tuna salad..nobody’s got this one

2) Calamari Salad…many uses, from leftover pasta, plain, or tossed onto your own green salad. speaking of which: I’ve got a few Home growers who need an outlet for some of their excess.. Beautiful stuff like Sugar snaps peas, fresh herbs( too many to mention) organic red leaf lettuce( so perfect)tasty Jersey tomatoes, large and grown outside, on stakes in the sun.

From out West we have really nice cherries, cantelopes, mangoes. The asparagus has gone back below the border but it’s real skinny and fresh from the peruvian highlands. Got some really juicy and sweet peaches… big savings as they’ll be smoothyable shortly.

If you are short on time and energy, it’s easy for us to cook some lobstermeat for you or shrimp for cocktails, we carry the best crabmeat anywhere( offshore Jonah variety.)

In short we have an appearance of being a real market where what you need …we have. Most likely it’s here, but if you wanrt to call first… 778-0181.

Thanks for your time and your support allowing us to serve ..Fred

Fresh Fish Daley.com

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