Sunday Boston Globe.Ideas

The Disappointing Internet

“The personal information users give away is used to support an increasingly sophisticated infrastructure of information filtering and opinion manipulation. The freedom from hierarchy offered by the internet, Morozov concludes, is almost always illusory: in fact, the web reinforces the status quo. It parrots your tastes back to you, and “amplifies” pre-existing political divisions. It looks like a venue for free self-expression, but in fact it ceaselessly indexes, records, and analyzes everything that you express. All in all, Morozov concludes, the internet is a disappointment.”

Television probably once held such promise.

Don’t miss the front page article  on Area 51( Pease Tradeport) in the Portsmouth Herald. Some  metal pipes were cut up recently and an “undisclosed amount” was negotiated so the  junk dealer could drive in and out of the  secret warehouse.

I guess it was  all very hush hush and the negotiations were handled by no less than the Executive Director of the  trade-port.

Nuclear (not)

Be sure to also take the survey on the PDA website  regarding your  future air travel plans. As soon as officials  have the  area count  of future Disney trips and business trips to East Oshkosh a new airline will be in place “very soon after that” to serve those markets.  The PDA board will have to approve an incentive package for any airline willing to take a  flyer. I hope the terms of the incentive package are made public or at least, reported.


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