So those among us that sued the Town regarding the  Budget Committee warrant article won the lawsuit. I have made multiple inquires  regarding the amount owed for the crackerjack legal work, no amount has been submitted by the plaintiffs.

Why has the amount not been submitted for payment?

Is the number so low it’s laughable? I find it so odd that no one knows the amount owed .

Are we going to challenge the Court decision and make precedent for  other NH Towns?

Are  you prepared  to show up and vote no to  an elected Budget Committee and call your neighbors and make sure they vote the same way? The turnout  at the most recent special election regarding the culverts was low.

Let’s not repeat that performance please.

Is every citizen with  children in our elementary schools and those that are  concerned about early education prepared to vote No  to an elected Budget Committee?

Science & Math

They only way we can  move forward is to vote as  engaged  and knowledgeable  citizens. If you are  reading this you have the ability to examine issues in detail and make informed decisions.  That’s the part that  grinds me the most.

“I just vote no on everything that’s gonna cost me money’ (overheard at the polls this year)

“I don’t get all that zoning stuff so I vote  no on that too, why change stuff?”(cringing with my sign in the cold)

On the National front you might consider dropping any party affiliation and declare yourself an Independent, it’s so liberating. If you do that  we can stop tipping our hand and  those elected and employed by us will take their fingers  out of the wind and perform. We can’t rail  on and on about elected officials and political parties and the local issues unless we vote, as a whole Community, and Nation.


We need some hand.